groundhog day links

Fri 02 February 2018

I'm trying to spend less time reading the internet and more time reading books, but somehow I always manage to get sucked into the rabbit hole anyway. Here are some things I don't regret spending my time reading:

-Read this if you want a professional opinion on whether it's ethically ok to watch the Super Bowl. And don't worry - everyone else hates Tom Brady, too.

-I like making stuff with yarn, but this goes a step beyond. And then some.

-Wait - didn't Alanis Morissette write a song about this already?

-This linguist has obviously never lived in the Bronx. But maybe he has a point, when looking at it from a nationwide perspective.

-Here's a sad piece of Baltimore history that should be remembered.

-Every year, the German and I have a heated debate about the flu shot. I think it's beyond stupid that medical professionals harass me to get a vaccine that clearly does not work. I mean, I'm all for effective vaccines. Vaccines for polio and measles seem to work pretty well, and I happily accepted the TDAP booster my doctor recommended for me a few years ago - because these vaccines actually prevent disease. The flu shot, on the other hand, is a total crapshoot. But the German is board certified and I am not, so guess who wins every year? Sigh.