catching up

Wed 31 January 2018

Where have I been for the past week and a half? Let me, there is too much. Let me sum up:

It rained a lot. forecast

After riding my bike in said rain, I realized that I might need fenders. Ugh. My bike is filthy. fenders

And I suppose it goes without saying that Moxie is adorable as ever. moxie

But the big news this week is the fire. fire

I was out running errands Monday morning when I noticed that this whole shopping center burned down. Including our post office. I wish I were kidding. The USPS actually called me up on the phone to say that my mail would be available for pickup at the main location, so I guess the actual letters and things did not burn along with the building - they just had to shut it down because the top two floors collapsed down on it, and I suppose it must be unsafe for people to go walking around in there with pieces of the ceiling falling down randomly.

It'll take me about a half hour to get to the other location by bus, which is annoying. I think I might get around to it on Friday. But I suppose I should be grateful that it's just an inconvenience. The fire happened on a Sunday night, so the businesses in the shopping center were mostly closed and I don't think anyone got hurt. So that's good.

Other than that, I have been spending countless hours fighting a losing battle with technology, instead of knitting and reading and doing things that are more fun. Maybe someday I'll tell you all about it. But today I'm still kind of pissed off and I haven't given up yet, so you'll just have to wait to find out how it ends.